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Changes to visiting arrangements and a number of services are in place. For more details visit our Coronavirus page

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Face masks are required for patients and visitors - 16/7/21

The Trust continues to have social distancing and infection prevention measures in place, which includes an assessment area at the front of the hospital where we provide patients with a face mask, unless they have one of their own. 

Patients who display symptoms of coronavirus when they arrive may face having their appointment postponed.  Please see further down this page regarding attendance at outpatient appointments, planned surgery and visiting arrangements/restrictions. 

Do not attend hospital/clinic if you COVID-19 symptoms 

Visiting policy eased at WVT hospitals – 20/4/21

We have eased the visiting arrangements at our hospitals allowing patients who have been in for more than seven days to have a daily visit from a nominated visitor, providing this is arranged with the nurse in charge in advance so that social distancing can be maintained.  This applies to the general wards at Hereford County Hospital and the three community hospitals at Ross-on-Wye, Leominster and Bromyard. Find out more including visiting times and how to arrange a visit.

Outpatients - updated 22/7/21

We continue to contact patients, based on their clinical need which includes risk factors for each patient relating to Covid-19, to schedule their outpatient appointments and elective surgery, as appropriate.

The Trust continues to have an assessment area at the front of the hospital where we provide patients with a face mask, unless they have one of their own.  Patients who display symptoms of coronavirus when they arrive may face having their appointment postponed. 

Outpatients are being asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their booked appointment time and attend on their own.  If this is not possible, the Trust is allowing patients to bring only one friend or relative where they require assistance. here may be situations in the clinic setting where a relative/friend is asked to wait outside the clinic room whilst a consultation takes place.

Please also note: children under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend with their parent, unless the patient is a child or attending in a caring capacity.

However, ‘A parent’, with babes-in-arms (up to 1 year of age), who is required to attend an outpatient appointment within WVT will be supported to do so. 

Planned surgery/inpatients

For patients attending for elective surgery (planned), they will be tested for Covid-19 prior to their procedure to ensure they don’t bring the COVID-19 virus onto the hospital’s wards. 
The Trust will contact each patient to arrange for this testing to take place 72 hours prior the date of hospital admission.  All patients must self-isolate following their COVID 19 swab being taken, up until they are admitted to hospital.  Some patients will be advised to self-isolate for longer than this prior to admission and they will be advised of this during their booking. 

We will not contact you regarding the test results, unless your swab is positive or void.  You will be contacted in plenty of time to arrange this test and you do not need to call the Trust. However, if five days prior to your admission, we have not contacted you to arrange this please contact us using the details on your covid-19 testing leaflet for the Trust or the booking letter we sent to you.  If you do have a positive test result for Covid-19 we will let you know and discuss if your appointment needs to be rearranged.

Patients staying in our hospitals will be required to wear a face mask during their stay as part of the Trust’s COVID-19 infection prevention measures.  If there is an exception as to why you are unable to wear a face mask during your hospital stay, please just inform the staff on your arrival/during your stay. 


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Covid-19 The Road to Recovery video for patients and their families

Click here to view a short video by The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy to help patients who are recovering from Covid-19 to self-manage their symptoms with physiotherapy guidance.  This illustrates what people can expect when recovering from Covid-19; reassuring them that it may take time to regain their energy and fitness. It also provides advice on simple measures that anyone can take to ensure the best recovery possible; like keeping active and partaking in low-intensity exercise. Patients who have concerns about their recovery from COVID-19 are encouraged to seek the advice of a Chartered Physiotherapist, GP or other Health Professional, who can provide bespoke advice and support.

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